How to Select the Best Baby Carrier in 2021?

Tips for buying a baby carrier the ultimate guide for 2021

Most of the Kids feel very uncomfortable when taken a bit far from mom or dad. Usually, they do not like to sit in strollers. They start crying, and the overall situation becomes very unpleasant. However, carrying babies for too long in arms is also very tiresome. A baby carrier can be the best option for parents to take babies with them anywhere they want. Of course, new parents need some guidelines before buying a baby carrier. These guidelines will help you a lot in making the right choice. 

Types of Baby Carriers

After having a baby, your life is never ordinary. Conversely, you can’t enjoy your bachelor’s life again, but this carrier might help get those feelings back. No doubt, baby carriers can be used from infants to toddlers. Before buying, you need to know each and everything so that you select only the best for your baby. 

wraps baby carrier

Wraps Carrier: This carrier type has a Simple and sleek design made from pure, soft, and stretchable fabric. This flawless carrier is tied in a way that it suspends the baby from the front torso, while the wrap goes over both the arms for a snug, secure fit, one of the most used product for years by many mothers, ensures a happy and peaceful time with the baby. Best in cold weather.

But before buying, make sure the fabric is pure and breathable. Relaxing carriers will surely help babies for too long when bounded with parents closely. 

sling baby carrier

Sling Carrier: In a sling, the baby is next to your check secure and snuggled all the time. This lovely contact between mother and infant releases oxytocin, which encourages mommy and baby bonding and breastfeeding. Baby will sleep well, and you may go anywhere you want smoothly. The soft, flexible fabric is washable and free from any artificial fragrances.

No harmful chemicals are added, so parents may use it without thinking twice. Of course, new parents or new users will find it difficult to use, but do not worry; after two to three times, you will master it.  

fleece baby carrier

Fleece carrier: Being a mother, I will go for this baby carrier because of its simple, sleek design. Beautifully adjustable straps, you do not need to watch any video or any other helping material to learn how to bind babies in a carrier. The complete design saves time; wear it, put babies in it, and ready to get set go. These carriers come up with excellent comfort with built-in back support and waist belt. Moreover, it has a soft, cool, and airy design with 3D mesh. It is made from 100% pure polyester with a baby carrying pouch. 

framed baby carrier

Framed Carrier: Daddy’s Favourite baby carriers are famous and one of the most selected baby carriers because of their elegant and comfortable design. 3 to 5 harness adjustment points. Lightweight aluminum frames make mobility and portability more reliable.

Easy to take in and out babies. Additionally, it can be used as a baby chair. Especially if you plan to go for a picnic, this convertible framed carried can be the best option for a peaceful and enjoyable party. 

How to choose a baby Carrier?

Obviously, you cant buy a baby carrier without knowing the key factors. Parents need guidance about what, which, and how to buy only the best for you, your baby. Read the following guidelines to make the right choice.

Type of carriers

As discussed earlier, you need to consider every type of carrier available in the market and choose only what suits your baby the best. A comfortable and easy to carry carrier can only be the best choice you will go for.

Ease & Comfort

We need to consider both the ease of parents and baby. Before buying, make sure it’s breathable, suitable for chunky babies; kids’ legs will be free to giggle. Check pad of the carrier. It will surely help you to increase the level of comfort and guaranteed long term usage. If the carrier is not comfortable with the baby, they will like to sit in it. Moreover, they will start crying. I understand a crying baby in public places makes parents embarrassed. To avoid such a situation, a generous selection might help a lot.


Baby carriers come in different shapes and styles. Now it depends upon you and your baby’s physique. It will not sound good that you have to bind a carrier with you every time and take it off when not needed. Rather than making all these efforts, you should go for an auto-adjustable carrier that will be easy to carry and take off.


If your choice gives the ease of usage, comfort, and perfection, pat your back to make the rights choice. But if it doesn’t make your baby feel cuddled or you do not feel comfortable after wearing it. Then it would be best if you reconsidered all those factors.

A sling carrier can beat others in this race because of its soft fabric. If you live in moderate weather, then a breathable carrier can be the best option. Otherwise, in cold areas, a highly padded carrier can be the best option for you.

Stuff of Carrier

As I have written earlier, a simple, lightweight, and breathable baby carrier is more suitable for moderate temperature areas. In contrast, for cold areas, carriers with high foldings, non-breathable, portable, are recommended. You need to make sure it defines the level of comfort for your little angle completely.


A clean, cozy baby carrier looks better and pleasant. Please, before buying, make sure the carrier/ carrier pad is washable. And how long it takes to dry. So you can maintain hygiene easily. If the carrier is now washable, it will start smelling after some time, and carrying a dirty one doesn’t make sense.


Ensure that the latches and locks are durable and will not break with long term usage. Any uneven situation may hurt the baby. So be doubly sure that your choice will not disturb the baby in any way.

Read Reviews

Reviews by parents who have bought help you a lot to make a final decision. Read 5 reviews to know the pros of your selected product and 1-star reviews to know the cons of your selection. I will be really very informative to you to make the right decision.


The last thing you need to check and compare prices. If it fulfills all the above needs so in the end, make sure it’s affordable for you. If it’s more than your expectations, deeply analyze what is making it pricy. Usually, a product with extra features costs more. Brands and resellers will not put you into any such kind of trouble. Be sure it fulfills all your needs and buy it.

Do’s and Dont’s for the carrier…..

Carrying a baby in an inappropriate way

carrying a baby too high or too low will be dangerous for you and the baby. A loosely coupled baby carrier will result in a baby fall. You need to very serious about ensuring the baby is not too low nor too high. Placing a baby carrier on your chest and belly will help you see properly as well the baby can smoothly look at you and in your surroundings.

Covering a baby with too many clothes

Usually, New parents remain very conscious about their babies. They can’t decide how to take care of a baby properly. Unintentionally they cover their babies with too many clothes. It would be best if you avoid all such things. If you live in moderate temperature areas, dress up your babies according to that. If you live in cold regions, then dress them in some extra clothes but not too much. They will uncomfortable and will remain disturbed. Make sure they are wearing soft and sound clothes.

Fastening baby tightly with the carrier

Some parents wear their babies too much tightly with the carrier to make sure their safety. But that’s not a good practice. Balance babies properly. Please do not wear them too much tightly nor too loosely. Just ensure baby is safe and happy in a carrier.

Babies Head facing

If your baby is 0 to 4 months old, so obviously he/she can not balance their head unaided. So keep your babies front-facing. With this, you may keep a hand on their heads; moreover, They will feel more safe and easy. In comparison to this, if your baby is above 5 months, rear-facing is applicable. It would be best to keep changing their position to protect them from muscle fatigue or any other serious issue.

Use the correct size only.

Mommy and daddy both need to ensure that carriers fit them and baby properly. If, for anyone, it does not fit properly, it may hurt the baby in the end. So be careful to choose only one that suits you and your baby correctly.


The market is full of baby carriers; now it’s up to you what you select and how you use it. If you cannot ensure all the above points, a baby carrier will not help you. Otherwise, it’s an excellent product you may have to carry your baby with you. Your baby will feel more pleasant and cuddled in it. Get this and reduce your tension of carrying a baby for too long. Hands-free tension-free a baby care product you must try.

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