Milk Bottles for the babies

A newborn tummy has the size of a cherry, and within one month, it grows to the size of an egg. Isn’t it cute? How much do you feed them and how you provide them matters a lot if you feed formula milk to your baby; selecting the right milk bottle is as important as choosing the formula milk. There are different milk bottles available in the market. All you need to do is make sure it gives continuous milk, no gas in the tummy, prevents colic, BPA free and grows with the baby. 

I will suggest Philips Avent because of its breast-shaped nipple. The baby will not feel any change; moreover, it prevents colic, gas, or any other discomfort.  

Philips Avent baby milk bottlePhilips AventBest Baby Milk Bottle OverallView on Amazon
comotomo Baby Bottle 8 ounceComotomoEasy to clean Baby Milk BottleView on Amazon
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Dr. Brown's Anti colic narrow milk bottleDr. BrownBest Anti-Colic Narrow Milk BottleView on Amazon
NUK smooth flow disney milk bottleNUK Store Best for Smooth Flow View on Amazon
lansinoh breastfeeding bottle for babysLansinohBest for babies still BreastfeedingView on Amazon
munchkin Latch anti-colic baby bottleMunchkin Best for Easy LatchingView on Amazon

1. Best Baby Milk Bottle Overall

Philips Avent Natural Baby Milk Bottle 9 Oz

Philips Avent baby milk bottle

This baby milk bottle combines bottle and breastfeeding because of its nipple shape. The baby will not feel any significant difference when switching from mommy’s breast milk to bottled milk. Its breast-shaped nipples provide ease in sucking. 

Bottle Nipple type: Ergonomic shape, Wide neck.

Keeps the baby’s tummy healthy by venting all unnecessary gases from the belly. A wide range of flow rates is available to meet the needs of your growing baby. It’s BPA free; it means no harmful industrial chemicals are used in it. It is also available in Blue Shade and Pink Shade. This bottle is 9Oz ( 4 in 1 Pack ) and also available in 4Oz. 

2. Easy to clean Baby Milk Bottle

Comotomo 8 ounce Baby Milk Bottle

comotomo Baby Bottle 8 ounce

No more bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues with Comotomo milk bottles because they closely copy breast and nipple shape. It’s pro wide neck allows easy cleaning and by hand. You necessarily do not need a brush to wash this feeding bottle. Made from 100% pure, hygienic silicone material. It’s totally safe and sound in use. 

Bottle nipple type: Ultra wide-neck design a 

You can put these milk bottles in microwaves, hot water, sterilizers, and dishwashers. Manufacturers recommend 180-degree Celcius temperature for bottle and nipple and 120 degrees for cap and ring. Its dual anti-colic outlets prevent abdominal pain and gas intake. It’s BPA free. This bottle is also available in pink shade and 5 ounces depending upon your needs. 


Some of the Parents complaint the overflow of milk from this bottle

3. Best Budgeted Milk Bottles

Dr Brown’s 8 Ounce Sippy Spout Milk Bottle

Dr. Browns baby milk bottles

Dr Brown is a well-known brand manufacturing baby products for years. Its baby milk bottles are the most famous ones. This transition baby milk bottle has a soft silicone nipple for easy flow. Dr Brown’s milk bottle nipple is similar to the breast nipple so the baby will not feel any change. Its entertaining animal print makes the feeding time enjoyable. It’s BPA free and safe in sterilizing. Get the baby Milk bottle Sterilizers too.

Bottle Nipple Type: Narrow bottle(vent removed)


Some of the Parents were complaining about bottle leakage. 

4. Best Baby Disposable Bottle liners

Playtex Baby Nurser Pre-Sterilized Disposable Bottle liners (8 oz)

Disposable milk bottle liner Disposable bottle liners 8 oz

Have you ever heard about a disposable baby milk bottle? I know washing baby milk bottles and sterilizing them, again and again, is not as comfortable, especially at night or when you are outside the home. A disposable bottle liner can be the best solution for this situation. It’s safe and BPA free. 

Bottle Nipple Type: Soft Natural Latch comfort silicone nipple. 

It stimulates the same feeding pattern as breastmilk feeding does, like sucking, swallowing, and breathing. The baby will breathe more comfortably and naturally during feeding. These liners are clinically proven, so without worrying about anything, feed your little one. 

These Presterilized liners collapse like mommy’s breast as baby feeds. It finely prevents air bubbles from mixing with milk. Indeed it’s best to prevent colic, gas, and discomfort. Get the baby milk bottle warmers.

Pre-washed Pre-Sterilized Bottle anytime anywhere

Definitely, It will save your time and effort because of its one-handed assembly, fresh and clean bottle every time. If you are travelling with your little one its the best option to use. Just put your baby in the car seat and let them enjoy. 

5. Best Closer to Natural Baby Milk Bottle

Tomme Tippee Anti-Colic, Breast like Nipple Slow Flow 9 oz. Milk Bottle

tomme tippee baby milk bottle

Phthalates free, BPA free baby milk bottle specially designed for newborns to up. Tommee Tippee’s claims that 97% of the mums recommend their milk bottles. Moreover, its breast-like-shaped nipple provides a natural and easy latch. Its smooth silicone nipples feel like mommy’s skin. 

Its anti-colic nipple valve prevents from gas or another discomfort. Get this if you both breastfeed and bottle feed to your baby.


Some of the parents were complaining that it’s not a flow milk bottle. 

6. Best Anti-Colic Narrow Milk Bottle

Dr Brown’s Baby Milk Bottle 8 ounce

Dr. Brown's Anti colic narrow milk bottle

Bottle Nipple Type: Vented
Dr Brown’s milk bottle is regarded as the best to prevent colic, spit-up, gas, and burping. When there’s no spitting, your kid will get complete nutrition. Leading to a healthy tummy. Moreover, these milk bottles help to preserve breastmilk or formula milk. It will save all the nutrients and will not spoil the milk. Your baby will sleep much better because it builds up a healthy digestive system. 

Vacuum Free Feeding for Better Sleeping

Baby milk bottles have soft silicone nipples that provide a gentle natural latch, so they will not feel any significant difference when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Each nipple gives a continuous flow of milk. You can use these milk bottles either with the venting system or not. It fits most of the breast bumps.

7. Best for Smooth Flow 

NUK Smooth Flow Disney Milk Bottle 10 Oz

NUK smooth flow disney milk bottle

Disney baby milk bottles are designed especially for continuous milk flow. Nipples finely control the flow of milk for colic free feeding. Disney baby really cares for the little souls. They provide temperature indicators mounted with the milk bottles, which changes colour when it is too hot. See Different Colors, Patterns and Sizes for Baby Boys and Girls

Its nipples mimic the mummy’s nursing nipples’ shape, so the baby will not feel any change when shifting from bottle milk to breastmilk and back. Its wide bottle neck makes cleaning easy, and it’s dishwasher safe. 


Some parents were not happy with the shape of the nipple. 

8. Best for babies still Breastfeeding

Lansinoh Breastfeeding 5 ounce Bottles for Baby

lansinoh breastfeeding bottle for babys

If your baby is still breastfeeding, you should select this milk bottle. Because its nipples are designed similar to mommy’s breastfeed nipple. It helps babies to feel the same feeding actions as they do when breastfeeding and makes the breastfeeding time longer. Its anti-colic design prevents the intake of gases, prevents colic and spit-up. Its unique air venting system has vertical furrows making the nipple strong and consistent to avoid nipple collision. 

Bottle Nipple type: NaturalWave Nipple

Lansinoh milk bottle nipples are made of soft and flexible silicone. It encourages the baby’s tongue movement. These bottles are BPA, BPA, and lead-free. This milk bottle features a broad base that makes the cleaning easy.  It leads to a healthier and lovely bonding between mommy and baby. 

9. Best for Easy Latching

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

munchkin Latch anti-colic baby bottle

BPA free, simple to-clean 8oz bottle with one ultra adaptable silicone stage 1 (slow flow) nipple and one sealing disc. Paediatricians recommended healthy feeding and resting. Nipple extends, flexes, and pumps much like the breast for a right latch on every feed. The anti-colic valve uniquely lies at the lower part of the bottle to decrease gassiness and fussiness. Pump adapter is viable with breast pumps, including numerous Medela, Lansinoh, and Evenflo. Pumps connectors sold independently. 


I must admit I have seen 6% negative reviews where parents were complaining about milk leakage. 

Baby Milk Bottle FAQ’s

Which Baby Bottle is best for newborns?

Our Top Picks

Our Best Overall: Philips Avent Natural Baby Milk Bottle 9 Oz Keeps the baby’s tummy healthy by venting all unnecessary gases from the belly. 

Indeed the Best Budget: Dr Brown’s 8 Ounce Sippy Spout Milk Bottle similar to the breast nipple, so the baby will not feel any change. 

Combo feeding: Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle Nipple extends, flexes, and pumps much like the breast for a right latch on every feed

Easy latching: Dr Brown’s Baby Milk Bottle 8 ounce

regarded as the best to prevent colic, spit-up, gas, and burping.

Best for babies still breastfeeding: Lansinoh Breastfeeding 5 ounce Bottles for Baby its nipples are designed similar to mommies breastfeed nipple. It helps babies to feel the same feeding actions as they do when breastfeeding. 

 Our tommee tippee bottles better than Dr Browns?

Tommee tippee bottles have all the features like venting, shape, and nipple-like all the other big brands have. It’s closer to natural shapes and helps to make the feeding time more comfortable. Its broad base makes cleaning easy. 

How to Choose a Baby Milk Bottle?

There are multiple milk bottles available in the market. Each of them offers different features, like some specially made for newborns, some for preventing colic, gas. Some are better for formula-fed babies, while others are better for babies who breastfeed and formula feed. Obviously, you can’t buy all of them. So when there are so many options available, selecting the right one for your baby is the main task. I hope these guidelines might help you. 

Types of Bottles Available in the market?

Standard Bottles: These simple straight forward designed bottles are generally made from plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Moreover, if your baby is not sensitive to any change, it will work well for you. 

Wide neck Bottles: These bottles are considered best for cleaning. Its wide nipple shapes like the breast. The best option for babies who change from bottle to breastmilk and back frequently. 

Vented Bottles: Anti-Colic designed bottles, especially for preventing gas intake. It finely keeps the baby from any tummy discomfort. 

Disposable Liners Bottles: These bottle liners contract like breast as baby feeds. Ideal for night time usage and when not at home. Liners, keep the bottle clean. No need for washing again and again. 

Curved Bottles: Bend from the middle to prevent gas from filling in the bottle. No doubt the bend will make cleaning a bit harder. 

Baby Bottle Material

Most baby bottles are made from plastic, glass, or stainless steel. All of them have different pros and cons. It depends upon your baby’s health condition and your lifestyle, which one suits you best. 

Plastic Bottles: These are the most common type of bottles available in the market. They are made from a hard plastic called polypropylene. 

Silicone Bottles: A new form available in the market made from safe and secure silicone. Free from all harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalate, and PVC. 

Glass Bottles: Normally, glass bottles are preferred over plastic because they perform better in preventing colic and gases in the tummy. So if you are going to buy a glass bottle, make sure they are durable and can withstand being banged around or even dropped. 

Types of nipples available in the market?

There are basically two types of nipples available in the market

SlowFlow Nipples: Are designed especially for newborns who are formula feeding. So the baby will not feed too much nor too fast. I will suggest using 4 ounces of milk bottle for the newborns.

FastFlow Nipple: Fastflow nipples are made for babies who can control fast flow and have better-digesting abilities. Normally babies from 5 months or above can control fast flow. And you may use 8-ounce milk bottles for them.

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