Necessary Guidelines Before buying a baby walker in 2021

Are Walkers Safe for your Baby?

Baby walkers cause several issues like an unfortunate accident with stairs, pinched fingers or legs, trapping in electrical wire, and other unsafe objects in the house. You can’t deny that a 1-year old baby who starts crawling and walking is more difficult to handle without a walker. So it would be best if you will be very careful. 

However, walkers provide the necessary support to kids in walking and learning their initial steps. Kids are safe in walking with a walker rather than walking support less. Of course, you can’t support them all the time for walking. It may result in back or muscle fatigue. So having a baby walker might be a helping partner for you and the baby. 

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At what age should I put my baby in a walker?

Most of the sellers say that a walker is best for 4 months old babies. But I can’t entirely agree with them. A baby walker does not have wheel blocks, so how can you suppose your four-month-old babies can balance themselves properly. That’s wrong. 

I will suggest you guys to start using a walker. At least your baby is 8 months old. An 8 months old baby is old enough to balance his/her head. Their feet can touch the floor. Just because walkers’ safety is in question, do not quit your decision to buy a walker. A baby jumper or Activity table might help you to keep your baby engaged. 

Will a baby walker help my baby to walk?

The primary purpose of a baby walker is to help your babies to take their initial steps. Indeed walkers fulfill this requirement. But at the same time, walkers do not suit every baby. Not every baby loves to sit in the walker. Mostly 1-year-old babies learn themselves walking because of their curiosity of exploring new things. They start crawling by following your pets. Oh, that’s what I noticed. So, in that case, you do not need to buy a walker. 

However, babies do not understand the danger of trapping in dangerous objects. If you have a walker to be careful, use baby gates to limit their movements in secure borders. 

Which style of a baby walker is best for my baby?

I will recommend you to use a push walker or a sit-in walker. 

A push walker baby needs to hold themselves up while in sit-in walkers. They move their legs but not their bottom. It helps them to learn self-balancing. 

Sit-in walkers help babies encourage their fine motor skills like crawling, pulling up, and other monotonous movements because natural learning is more effective. Sit-in walkers undoubtedly provide support, but kids do not learn to walk in it. 

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