About us

I am Ailsa, and I am an experienced mother and aunt. We are four siblings with 5 children in total. I became an aunt first, it was really a very cute feeling to hold a newborn for the first time, but who knows it would be challenging. My sister is a teacher with a busy routine, and I use to take care of my niece most of the time. It was too hard to take care of her. Sometimes she doesn’t sleep at nights, or she starts crying for no reason. Somehow I managed to take care of her.

But the harder period started when I have my own son. Oh my God, there’s a big difference in being an aunt and a mother. It’s a full-time duty. I can’t leave him unattended even for a second. How can I forget those sleepless nights. Changing diapers, his reasonless crying, and so many other alarming situations. All these things look scary and lovely at the same time. All my worries fade away when he says “mama.”

My baby is two years old now and still in diapers. And he delights almost everyone he meets. Almost

When I started writing the first thing that came into my mind was to help parents know the baby products that I have used for my baby. To share my honest opinion and let them analyze similar items.

I started minisection to help parents make good decisions. Thank God for blessing me with the caring husband and sisters who helped me a lot during my research and writing.